Our Voices: Yukon First Nations Emerging Leaders Gathering

The inception of Our Voices began in December 2013, in an effort to initiate a dialogue on how young people could support youth and work together to stop the tragic losses experienced within the region. The first Northern Emerging Leaders Gathering occurred in May 2014 in Whitehorse, Yukon, and in August 2014, the first Our Voices Summer Gathering was held in Teslin, Yukon, which involved youth participation from across the Yukon, Northern British Columbia, Northwest Territories and Alaska.

After the initial gathering we recognized the need to have young people passionately involved in pushing the initiative forward. We needed to build them to be strong leaders and better prepare them to make the positive change they want to see in their communities.

I was asked to create the look and feel for the very first gathering. The brand was bright, and eye-catching. One that makes you feel uplifted and feeling positive. The look was applied to several items, agendas, programs, lanyards, signage, swag and was applied to all the social media platforms.

Bella Elite Events & Consulting
August 2014
Whitehorse, Yukon