Indigenous Harm Reduction Community (IHRC)

In 2016, British Columbia (BC) declared a public health emergency due to a sharp increase in opioid-related overdoses, the First Nation Health Authority (FNHA) developed a Framework for Action: Responding to the Overdose/Opioid Public Health Emergency for First Nations, acknowledging that First Nations people across the province were being disproportionately impacted by overdose events and deaths. Since then, FNHA has continued to implement and support initiatives that are community-driven, Nation-based, and culturally relevant, including the Indigenous Harm Reduction Community (IHRC).

The IHRC is a long-term project that aims to provide resources and safe places and spaces for people to connect on issues surrounding substance use and harm reduction.

In June, 2022 I was approached by the First Nation Health Authority to help develop the brand identity for the project. The brand needed to reflect the communities and health practitioners and show a sense of healing and growth. The colours of purple and red represent meanings of peace, devotion, pride and dignity. While red is commonly associated with activity, passion, love and joy.

The final look is clean, contemporary and appeals to all closely involved in the Indigenous health sector.

First Nation Health Authority
June 2022
Vancouver, British Columbia