Boyd Benjamin Artist Marketing

Having seen Boyd Benjamin play at various events around the Yukon I fell in love with his style of music and stage presence. Boyd comes from a long line of Gwitch’in fiddlers, he was destined to take up the traditions of his home community of Old Crow, Yukon. With an ideal balance of natural talent and formal training, Benjamin’s repertoire features a staggering gamut of songs, styles, and techniques.

“My grandfather – Peter Benjamin was a fiddler. Fiddling is in my Blood already, I see myself continuing to pass it on”.

I had the honour and privilege in working with one of Canada’s pre-eminent fiddle players when I received an email from him asking me to help him with his debut album. Together along with the photographic talent of Gary Bremner we developed an entire artist package, which included photography, a website, concert posters, album artwork and promotion on several social media platforms.


Boyd Benjamin
January 2013
Whitehorse, Yukon